Block O2O Crypto Exchanges, Wallets and Security





地点: Eaton Club Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kokng

Block O2O brings you the leaders in the growing world of crypto exchanges, wallets and the security that underpins them. As the popularity of crypto as a means of fundraising and blockchain as a technology spread, those who facilitate its adoption and enablement have key insights leading the industry.

Karen Chan, CEO and Chair of Coinsuper, leads an evening that is a must attend for investors, crypto traders, exchange operators and cybersecurity experts. Her insights will be followed by insights from world leading exchanges and wallet operators. Both must consider security of the utmost importance if consumer adoption is to accelerate.

Leading to the first ever Hong Kong Blockchain Week (Feb 25 to Mar 1, 2019), this event is part of the Block O2O series that brings the best of blockchain and crypto to the global community.