CES 2019:Gaming Companies Show Off Latest Devices, Virtual And Augmented Reality Technology

11 Jan, 2019 13:51

The world’s biggest consumer tech show CES is well underway in Las Vegas. It is also the perfect opportunity for gaming hardware companies to showcase their latest designs. From headsets to laptops, monitors to keyboards, there are most exciting gaming devices coming out of this big festival.

The best gaming hardware

Asus revealed a slew of new laptops in its Republic of Gamers (ROG) range, but undoubtedly the most fascinating is the new Mothership. This allows for more efficient cooling and the ability to detach the keyboard and trackpad for more flexible use. It’s a smart design and packs a punch with its Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card (with the associated ray-tracing tech) and Intel i9 processor, both of which have been factory overclocked to maximize its performance.

Also as the world’s top computer supplier, Alienware Area-51m is trying to deliver on a dream: a gaming laptop with user-upgradeable CPUs and GPUs like a desktop so it won’t become obsolete. Aside from the battery, keyboard, and 17-inch display, pretty much everything in the 51m –processor, graphics card, HDD– can be upgraded or replaced.

The most exciting headset of CES 2019 is Hyper X’s Cloud Orbit S, which uses head tracking to create a 360 degree sound stage in addition to the rich sound provided by its magnetic drivers. As you move your head, the positional audio tech (which apparently tracks your movements 1000 times a second) will accurately recreate where you are in relation to the sound.

The coolest gaming project

Created by Life is Tech and produced by former Square Enix Chief Technical Officer Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Disney Technologia School of Magic is the latest interactive experienced designed to get youngsters into programming. Set up as both a game and a teaching tool, the School of Magic somewhat resembles Kingdom Hearts. As a new student at a magical school, you go through a variety of Disney worlds to help out iconic characters such as Rapunzel, Goofy, Snow White, and Winnie the Pooh.

The Atari Pong Coffee Table was one of the coolest things we saw at CES 2018. The gorgeously designed table made the classic game cool again. This year, Calinfer and Unis Technology have unveiled two new additions to the Pong table family.

The Atari Pong Arcade Table is designed for arcades and entertainment rooms. While the Coffee Table version was a sit and play experience, the Arcade Table is meant for standing like you would in an arcade. It’s coin-operated and can even dispense tickets.

The Atari Pong Cocktail Table has a square design perfect for bars and entertainment rooms. The stand’s height can be adjusted as you please for both sitting and standing play.


CES 2019 is the perfect time for developers and manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest virtual and augmented reality technology, and they didn’t disappoint this year. From new VR headsets to peripherals that completely change how you interact with VR, there were several impressive products on display.

The PlayStation VR offers players the ability to look around their virtual environment in 360 degrees and PlayStation Move makes the experience even more realistic. With not being able to use your feet, however, something still feels slightly off. The 3DRudder for PlayStation VR aims to fix that by allowing players to tilt, spin, or apply pressure with their feet to move around in their favorite PlayStation VR games.

The premium Vive Pro VR headset is another good VR product and it just got even better with the integration of Tobii eye-tracking technology. The Vive Pro Eye is designed to create an even more immersive virtual reality experience, offering users the ability to navigate menus and perform many functions using only their gaze. It’s already been used in applications like Home Run Derby VR by Major League Baseball, making it even easier for anyone to hit a ball over the fence, and it will also make it simpler for businesses to utilize eye-tracking technology while using minimal resources.

Exercise machines have offered displays featuring landscapes and lifelike routes for years, but in order to truly feel like you’re on a bicycle and not in your cold, damp basement, the NordicTrack VR Bike is what you need. The bike will release this summer for US$2,000 and will be bundled with the HTC Vive Focus VR headset. Using the headset, you’ll be able to play the games Aeronauts, Bike Messenger, and The Last Rider, all of which were designed specifically for the VR Bike, and the difficulty in games will increase based on how much you exert yourself.

The NordicTrack VR Bike also offers 10 percent inclines and declines to simulate the changing elevation in the games you’re playing, as well as 24 different levels of resistance and 16 different pedal positions.