[Exclusive] Rise To Tough Market Challenges: Distinguished STO Ecosystem Platform SNC Receives Strategic Investment from Fundamental Labs

9 Jan, 2019 09:07

January 6, 2019, SNC Limited (“SNC”), a decentralized ecosystem for Security Token Offering (STO), and a full-suite solution platform from Hong Kong, received a strategic investment from Fundamental Labs, a well-known global blockchain venture capital fund.

SNC’s SuperNode Community project was founded by C Block Capital Group, a private international investment group based in Hong Kong. The strategic alliance between SNC and its investor, Fundamental Labs, is not only an affirmation of SNC’s current accomplishment and STO business outlook but also a long-term commitment and determination of two companies to lay the groundwork together in the Asia-Pacific region.

The joined forces of SNC and Fundamental Labs is accomplished in a global environment where more stringent digital asset laws and regulations are being put in place, and there is rising demand for institutional expertise and overseas fundraising skills. As security token offerings gain greater appeal in 2019, there have been signs of large-scale entry into the crypto market by traditional financial institutions in recent months. In order for the STO market to take off, the financial industry must embrace more aggressive innovations and local regulators support is imperative. There also needs to be active participation from institutional investors and the coming together of traditional financial and digital asset world talents.

The emergence of SNC embodies the integration of all the above elements, exercised under the new regulatory scope on digital assets issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission at the end of last year. As a distributed platform for the STO ecosystem, SNC covers four major business lines:

  • SNC Asset Management is a diversified digital asset management business with operations across Stablecoin, Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), Hedge Fund, and Fund of Funds;
  • SNC Exchange is a next-generation platform providing a financial ecosystem for transacting regulated digital assets.
  • SNC Advisory offers end to end advisory services for regulated digital securities including readiness & due diligence, structuring, project management & legal coordination, technical services, marketing & research;
  • SNC Media is a media platform dedicated to covering future innovative technologies and provides a one-stop solution for global media coverage, investment grade research reports, community building, public relations, and investor relations.

The key members of the SNC team previously came from distinguished hedge funds, investment banks, big-four auditors, and Fortunate 500 high-tech companies. SNC’s team members also possess a wealth of experience across asset management, financial trading, legal compliance, media communication, and technology consulting.

With the competitive advantage of being an investment holding company, SNC represents permanent capital with a flexible and agile structure, combined with innovative financing schemes, and the potential of being listed in the future. Its vision is to become the leading digital asset manager and exchange in Asia, bridging the traditional and digital asset worlds.

Blockchain investment platform Fundamental Labs is an investment fund and incubator that focuses on technology and business fundamental innovation to reform traditional industries. The fund has accumulated an outstanding portfolio of close to 50 blockchain and technology companies globally. Among its more prominent portfolio companies are Coinbase, VeChain, Canaans, PlatOn, and Conflux.

With US$300 million in assets under management, Fundamental Labs helps manage the Greater Bay Area Blockchain Industry Fund by identifying world-class innovation projects in the domains of blockchain infrastructure, digital asset security, DApps, and more. Fundamental Labs has also launched a blockchain investment alliance called “United Labs” which comprise 17 members with total asset under management of around 5 billion yuan invested across 240 projects. The alliance was set up with the goal of sharing project resources, bridging investment cooperation, and helping their portfolio companies reach the international stage eventually.

SNC also recently acquired Industry-renowned Singularity Financial Limited (“SFL”). SFL is one of Hong Kong’s leading financial technology media platform providing independent and objective coverage on future technology and FinTech solutions. Since its inception in 2018, it has achieved exponential growth in a very short period of time with a readership exceeding 500,000 coming from Mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, and other parts of the world.  SFL also established feature columns on over ten different financial media platforms such as GLONG, Phoenix, Today’s Headline, Medium, Facebook, and Twitter. At present, SFL has extended its service to reach mainstream media such as CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. It has also carried out exclusive interviews with leading industry experts, political leaders, and top institutional investors globally. SFL is positioned to play an important part within the SNC ecosystem by providing professional support for investment projects in terms of media coverage, investment grade research reports, public relations, and more.

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About SNC Limited

SNC Limited (“SNC”) is a Hong Kong-based decentralized ecosystem for STO with business lines spanning across asset management, regulated digital asset exchange, STO advisory services, and media. SNC’s vision is to become the leading digital asset manager and exchange in Asia bridging the traditional and digital asset worlds; as well as becoming the capital markets bridge between China and the world.

For more information, please contact:press@snct.io