专访原EOS二号员工David Moss:EOS的现状与DApp的未来

2018年12月5日 18:12
來源:香港奇点财经 Singularity Financial


Coindesk reported in September that, four early employees have resigned from the EOS development company Block.one to start up StrongBlock in July with Branden Espinoza, an EOS governance specialist. StrongBlock is now in stealth mode and does not plan to release its products anytime soon. To find answers, Singularity Financial Ltd gets in touch with EOS former second employee, David Moss to discuss the issue, covering the reasons for leaving, EOS development process, DPOS mechanism, Bancor algorithm, StrongBlock development progress, etc. We strive to find out the current status of the EOS ecology.

前言: Coindesk9月曾报道,EOS开发公司Block.one的四位重要高管均离职,并在7月与EOS治理专家Branden Espinoza成立了StrongBlock。StrongBlock现在处于秘密状态,并不打算尽快发布其产品。为此,奇点财经与EOS的原二号员工,技术运营高级副总裁David Moss取得联系,就此问题进行了采访,内容涵盖离职原因,EOS的发展进程,DPOS机制、Bancor算法、新项目StrongBlock的进展等,力求近距离探明EOS生态的现状。

Team introduction:

StrongBlock has brought in a team of executives with experience from Block.one, Oracle, IBM, Nike, and Accenture. David Moss teased StrongBlock by saying that EOS will be a 787 and StrongBlock will be “a customized 787 factory.” For this purpose, he has already brought on five former Block One employees. They are: CEO-David Moss, former senior vice president of technology; CGO-Thomas Cox, former vice president of products, who will bring over 20 years of experience in enterprise software, as he has previous working experience for Oracle and IBM; CTO-Brian Abramson, former vice president of infrastructure, who served for Nike and Accenture; CPO-Corey J. Lederer, former senior director of technical products, who worked for content.ad and LPS. Manager of Process and Projects, Branden Espinoza, also former EOS governance specialist, who expertises in the regulatory and compliance training needs (AML, CTF, BSA) of financial service organizations.


区块链初创公司StrongBlock管理团队是一支具有Block.one,Oracle,IBM,Nike和Accenture就职经验的高管团队。任职CEO的David Moss此前就笑称如果把EOS比喻为波音787,StrongBlock就相当于定制787的工厂。为此,他为这个团队带来了5名原Block.one的员工。目前David Moss是前Block.one技术运营高级副总裁、CGO为原产品副总裁Thomas Cox,该高管在企业级软件方面拥有20多年的经验,之前曾在Oracle和IBM工作过;CPO是原技术产品高级总监Corey J. Lederer,之前在Nike和Accenture任职;CTO为原基础设施副总裁Brian Abramson,此前就职于content.ad和LPS。原EOS的治理专家Branden Espinoza任项目经理,他是金融监管和合规培训(AML,CTF,BSA)的专家。


Mr. Moss is the former second employee of Block.one. He has expressed his admiration for EOS Chief Technology Officer BM (Daniel Larimer) in public on various occasions. His resignation has brought certain impacts on the EOS community. Rumors say that one of the outgoing employees’ explanation for leaving Block.one is due to its inability to meet the market’s demand. As for his departure of Block.one, which happened one month after main network release, Mr. Moss said the reason is that he has completed the mission of delivering the EOS MIT Open Source code. He also mentioned his support for the EOS existing core DPOS mechanism and Bancor algorithm, both of which he expressed that StrongBlock is likely to adopt. Furthermore, Mr. Moss expects that the new project will be launched on the EOS, showing his support for EOS. Regarding the evaluation of DPOS, Singular Finance Ltd also mentioned in the interview with Mr. Meng Yan, the representative of the Token Economy, that despite of the fact that the DPOS mechanism has been questioned for not being decentralized, Mr. Meng believes that the DPOS mechanism is useful mechanism for a majority of events currently.

In addition, for the chaos that was caused by blockchain powered gambling games, Mr. Moss held an optimistic attitude that he sees this as a “rite of passage”, because gambling has always been the one of the first applications that gain popularity. He also predicted that a wide-scale adoption of blockchain will most likely come from Financial and Supply Chain applications in 2019.


本次专访的嘉宾David Moss是Block.one的原二号人物,他此前在多个公众场合均表达了对Block.one首席技术官BM(Daniel Larimer)的推崇。不过他的离开给EOS社区带来了一些负面消息,甚至据传一位离职员工表示离开原因是因为发现Block.one无法满足市场需求。对于自己在主网启动一个月后的离职,David Moss表示原因是EOS的代码发布以及上线的任务已完成。同时,他还对EOS现有核心的DPOS机制、Bancor算法持肯定态度,新项目也有较大可能采用这两者,且预计新项目将在EOS首发上线,对EOS的支持态度可见一斑。关于DPOS的评价,奇点财经此前在对通证派代表孟岩先生的访谈中也有提及,尽管DPOS机制一直被质疑其不够去中心化,但孟岩认为DPOS机制是较为可用的机制,目前来看适用于大部分的项目。

此外,对于赌博游戏泛滥的乱象,David Moss持乐观态度,认为任何一项新兴技术都会经历这样的过程,赌博总是最先出现的热门应用,并表示2019年将会迎来DApp的大爆发,大规模商业应用将会出现在金融以及供应链领域。


1.    Coindesk reported that, earlier in May, you and several other core members left Block.one. Why did you leave Block.one, and are you still contributing to the EOS community?


The team left Block.one because we had completed our mission of delivering the EOS MIT Open Source code to be used to create the EOS mainnet.We are still contributing to the EOS community. Thomas Cox is the Executive Director of the EOS Alliance.

整个团队离开Block.one是因为我们已经完成发布EOS的软件协议开源代码,EOS主网上线的任务。我们仍在还在为EOS社区做贡献,比如Thomas Cox(原EOS产品副总裁)目前任EOS联盟的执行董事。

2.    There are voices that criticize EOS of not decentralizing. What do you think? Does the new project StrongBlock still adopt the DPOS mechanism?


EOS and DPoS were designed for decentralization. The EOS mainnet nodes are run by 21 independent Block Producers, but there have been some question as to whether they are truly independent. That is what EOS governance is for: to outline how independence should be achieved. It is a work in progress. StrongBlock will be using the DPoS mechanism for the foreseeable future, but we remain open to future blockchain protocols as well.


3.    The Bancor Algorithm is widely pursued in China at the moment. Its economic model has great potential. What do you think of its potential and will it be applied in your new projects?


StrongBlock sees great potential in the Bancor Algorithtm.Where applicable, StrongBlock will be using the Bancor Algorithm.


4.    In what direction do you think EOS is heading under the leadership of BM?


BM (Daniel Larimer) continually strives to make EOS and DPoS the best it can be. He is working on faster and more efficient versions of EOS.


5.    We are looking forward to learning about your new project StrongBlock, but we found that the project is in a stealth mode. There is little information about your project online. Can you introduce your project and how does it relate to EOS?

我们期待了解您的新项目strongblock,不过发现这个项目很神秘(in a stealth mode),信息很少,能否介绍一下您的项目,他和EOS有什么关联呢?

StrongBlock will be in stealth mode until early 2019. We can say that we are focused on Enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, and will be using EOS as the initial base for our technology.


6.    What’s the development planning for StrongBlock? When is it expected to disclose more information?


The StrongBlock technology roadmap is on track.

i.    Proof Of Concept is in testing and will be completed by the end of 2018.

ii.    MVP will be available in Q1 2019.

iii.    Alpha will be available in Q2 2019.

iv.    Beta will be available in Q3 2019.

The StrongBlock website was recently updated to add new information about our technology.






7.    Users interact more actively on Dapp than on Ethereum, but most Dapp’s users are focused on gambling applications. How do you see this issue?


Gambling is usually one of the first applications to become popular with new technology. We see this as a “rite of passage” for any new technology. We feel mass adoption will happen by providing everyday usefulness and value. That will happen in 2019.


8.    When do you think the blockchain can achieve large-scale commercial applications? In which field would the outbreak of Dapp first appear?


DApp adoption on the user side will likely come from social and financial applications.

Overall blockchain adoption will most likely come from Financial and Supply Chain applications.


9.    Do you like China? Does strongblock have a plan for Meetup in China? What’s your opinion on ecology construction in China?


StrongBlock is very interested in China. I gave a keynote at UCLA in August, 2018 that was highly China focused.